32,893 $m
Samsung is one of the biggest successes of 2012, marked by a meteoric 40% rise in brand value. In a market competing to create convergent ecosystems of internet-enabled household devices, its smartphone sales have led the way to a strong position over competitors. With 19.1% market share, Samsung became the global leader for smartphone shipments in 2011 ahead of Apple and Nokia. From this bumper position, the next year holds promise of greater expansion. Samsung has announced plans to sell its own Microsoft Windows phone and a series of Windows 8 computers, to sit alongside the new Galaxy SIII and Note. This will help it further connect Samsung mobile devices with home devices, such as TVs and washing machines, to create a consistent user experience as the brand grows. Furthermore, Samsung’s sponsorship of the London 2012 Olympic Games, and in particular the Torch Relay, has raised brand awareness, with 14 million people judged to have seen its branded bus in the UK. Online buzz was also driven by prominent roles of the Galaxy SIII and Note smartly integrated into the Opening Ceremony. <br/><br/>Looking to the year ahead, Samsung continues to fulfill its corporate philosophy as well as its vision — “Inspire the World, Create the Future” — through its aspirational branding project and commitment to bringing “new and meaningful innovations” to the global marketplace. Despite setbacks around the recent patent trial with Apple, the company goes into 2013 with a strong stance in the market and a determined vision to become one of the top five brands by 2020.