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The resilience of the Toyota brand seems to have closed the chapter on sudden acceleration and helped the carmaker in reclaiming its global leadership position. Toyota’s Prius customers continue to deepen their connection to the Toyota portfolio. At the same time, the Prius lineup is creating an influx of new customers to the Toyota brand. And thanks to the generous subsidies and reduced taxes on cleaner cars, hybrids are a clear differentiator for Toyota, so the Prius portfolio continues to grow. In addition to showing solid numbers with repeat customers, Toyota is strengthening its appeal with younger consumers. The brand has intensified its incentives push and reduced its fleet sales. This helps customers find a good deal while also holding the line on the resale value of their vehicle. While relying on incentives will undermine the brand, overall spending remains among the lowest in the industry. Europe continues to be a challenge for the brand, but, overall, management will be focused on evolving its messaging and communications while reinventing a maturing brand with more stylish and better-looking vehicles.