5,495 $m
In its 165th year, the Cartier brand remains widely coveted, but maintains its exclusivity. Tangible proof of this lies in the numbers: Cartier’s sparkling performance was a key contributor to a 32% sales increase for parent company, Richemont’s Jewellery Maisons.

Possibly explaining the surge of interest, Cartier unveiled the epic “L’Odyssée de Cartier” this spring. Two years in the making, the three-anda- half-minute masterpiece captures the creative passion that inspires Cartier’s artisans — the key to Cartier’s enduring appeal. Launched in cinemas and across multiple digital channels, the film celebrates the history of Cartier’s timeless creations. Ever careful to perpetuate its legend and continually amplify its luxury status, the Cartier Collection tours the world’s most prestigious museums each year. By equating its offerings with priceless artifacts and great treasures of the past, the brand keeps its creative and illustrious history alive in the minds of those who dream of, and those who are fortunate enough to possess, authentic Cartier pieces.

Though the brand consistently brings its rich heritage to the fore across all communications, Cartier would do well to similarly enrich its e-boutiques, as their potential has not yet been realized. Truer to the brand’s usual style and sense of grandeur, this year also marks an overt commitment to the Maison’s watch offering, which is evident in everything from the new aesthetic introduced by the “Calibre de Cartier” collection, to the new multi-brand Richemont store in Paris — the largest watch store in the world.