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Perhaps there is no beer more strongly desired on a hot summer day than Corona — with a slice of lime. One of the top-selling imported beers in the US and Australia, and swiftly gaining popularity in Asia and the majority of Latin American markets, Corona saw the largest sales volume growth in Mexican brewer Grupo Modelo’s portfolio in 2011.

While there are notable differences in the way the brand is positioned across countries, Corona preserved common strategic guidelines around the globe and continues to align its brand with the excitement of sports and the carefree lifestyles of younger, presumably party-going consumers. This summer’s “Corona Beach Getaway” campaign, for instance, highlighted the fact that the beach is not necessarily a physical place, but rather a state of mind. The campaign achieved massive social media participation. New packaging designs for Corona Extra and Corona Light have also been announced this year, marking the first time in the brand’s history that the entire line of packaging will adopt new design elements. While the bottles will keep their iconic look, the enhanced packaging will help differentiate the brands through color and graphic changes.

Though Corona’s brand remains strong, its growth was slowed in this year’s report due to an overall decline in sales, particularly in the US, where the beer industry has been impacted by high unemployment and the reduced spending power of its core customers — men ages 21–34. Complicating an already tough situation is the challenge of marketing to Hispanics, who will account for 23% of the US’s legal-drinking-age population by 2030. In the years ahead, Corona will need to create distinctive campaigns that avoid resorting to stereotypes and will soundly resonate with this key demographic.