3,857 $m
After nearly three years of restructuring its business, Harley-Davidson has emerged with confidence and focus. The strategy seems to be paying off with signs of solid performance and consistent growth. Even through challenging economic times, there remains a strong sense of community among Harley-Davidson fans. Knowing that it cannot solely rely on baby boomers, the company has been working hard to appeal to women, minorities, Gen Y, and Millennials. The challenge for the brand will be in balancing traditional audiences with the new audience segments. These newcomers to Harley Davidson, however, are embracing the brand with passion and enthusiasm. Of its 3.6 million Facebook fans, 40% are aged 18–34. The organization has also shed non-Harley-Davidson brands and put its efforts into a unified brand experience. This focus has helped to build momentum in share gains, retail sales, and profit in outreach markets. Despite strong competition from Japanese manufacturers, Harley-Davidson opened 35 dealerships in international markets, including Mexico, India, Turkey, Russia, China, and Brazil. With a solid strategy in place, Harley-Davidson appears poised to conquer the open road.