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McDonald’s, the leading global foodservice retailer, stands out because of its exceptional brand management, significant global presence, leadership in sustainable practices and admirable approach to consumer engagement. McDonald’s has more than 33,500 restaurants in 119 countries and the Golden Arches continue to expand, most notably in Asia. The company deftly manages its franchise model, delivering a remarkably consistent customer experience while still allowing for locally relevant menu and service variations (such as home delivery in India and China). The company is also working to respond to critics by increasing the number of healthy menu options and effectively communicating its sustainability efforts to both customers and employees, building energy saving and waste reduction into staff incentives. Demonstrating its commitment to brand development, McDonald’s is repositioning itself to appeal to a broader audience, particularly by redesigning its outlets and making them more modern, comfortable, and upscale. The McCafé experience is another example of McDonald’s flexibility and its efforts to appeal to a broader group of customers. On the digital front, McDonald’s “Make Your Own Burger” campaign in Germany and the Netherlands used crowdsourcing to generate new recipes and promotions. The campaign created significant digital buzz and positioned the brand as a digital innovator, helping to further build the brand’s strength.