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The Nissan brand continues to generate waves of momentum. Nissan demonstrated a fair amount of agility by recovering quickly from natural disasters and by growing market share with an aging lineup. With the addition of new models beginning to roll out, the brand should maintain an upward trajectory. A significant part of Nissan’s success has been its ability to push the envelope on innovation: from the next-generation NYC taxi and groundbreaking Nissan DeltaWing race car at LeMans, to the bold designs of vehicles such as the Nissan Juke. Winning Japan’s Car of the Year Award, the Nissan LEAF proved that a zero-emissions vehicle can not only transport humans, but also power an ordinary household. The brand continues to expand in Europe and has established a strong presence in emerging markets such as Russia and China. With a commitment to continue to improve the service experience, Nissan has an opportunity to break away from a dependence on incentives and fully leverage the power of its brand.