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Holding strong at #22, Pepsi has really upped its game in the past year. The brand developed its first global positioning, “Capture the excitement of now,” which casts Pepsi as a youthful, fun alternative to Coca-Cola and inspires Pepsi lovers to live each moment to the fullest. Its first global campaign, “Live for Now,” meshes well with ongoing consumer promotions relating to music and its US partnership with the NFL. Alongside this, Pepsi has revamped its entire digital experience, PepsiPulse, to focus on user-generated content and direct connections with consumers. Furthermore, the brand is addressing key consumer concerns, such as sugar content, via the launch of Pepsi Next, as well as its environmental impact — Pepsi was awarded the 2012 Stockholm Industry Water Award for reducing its water consumption. Early indications suggest these moves have been successful in bringing back lapsed customers. Additionally, new executives have been brought in to challenge the brand and ensure a smooth leadership succession. They have a tough role, as soft drink demand continues to fall while commodity prices increase, but by continuing to engage millions of people around the world through one of their key passion points — music — Pepsi just might win some new fans.