4,271 $m
Though in existence for nearly a century, Prada approaches each season with a flair that is bold and innovative, yet distinctly its own. As a result, Prada consistently exudes an admirable degree of self-confidence, which only makes it more desirable, and steers the brand away from provocation for provocation’s sake. What ultimately draws consumers to the Prada brand (and moves them to value its very name across continents and cultures) is its sense of self-assurance, won through constant experimentation and a proven ability to dictate tastes and trends rather than chase them. Figures reflect the power of this love affair, and underpin Prada’s return to our Best Global Brands report. The brand’s continued growth in revenues (26% in 2011) is fueled mainly by over 250 DOS (Directly Operated Stores) worldwide — a network which is expanded with a careful eye on increasingly well-traveled customers. While Prada boasts an extraordinary indifference to the difficult economic climate, the only caution may be the extent to which the Chinese market alone will be the brand’s center of gravity, both commercially and otherwise.