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SAP, the market and technology leader in business management software, solutions, and services, continues to perform well due to its embrace of cloud computing and mobile business apps. The German multinational software corporation has an unusual challenge in advertising — marketing complex business products most often bought by IT managers and corporate executives. In today’s economy, competition is fierce. To gain a competitive edge, many employees are bringing their work with them, wherever they go. As a result, mobile devices, apps, and mobile operating systems are in high demand. SAP anticipated this trend and remains a relevant brand in this new market. “Run Like Never Before,” a campaign aimed at all consumers, not just IT professionals, focuses on the speed with which SAP software can allow one to operate a business better. The message of the campaign echoes the needs of consumers around the world: the need to generate and manage business on trains, baseball fields, in waiting rooms, taxis, or wherever life happens to take them.