Best Global Brands 2010


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Top Ten Brands in 2010

1 Coca-Cola70,452 ($m)
2 IBM64,727 ($m)
3 Microsoft60,895 ($m)
4 Google43,557 ($m)
5 GE42,808 ($m)
6 McDonald's33,578 ($m)
7 Intel32,015 ($m)
8 Nokia29,495 ($m)
9 Disney28,731 ($m)
10 HP26,867 ($m)
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Top Risers & Fallers

See which brands experienced the biggest change in brand value in 2010.

Top Risers and Fallers 

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Find out which sectors performed best from 2008 to 2010.

Industry Insights

Erich Stamminger, adidasErich Stamminger

Member of the Executive Board of adidas Group Responsible for Global Brands

How do you see the marketing of brands changing in the next five to 10 years?

Consumers are looking for products, experiences, and information that are relevant to them. Brands cannot afford and cannot expect to be put on a podium any more. It’s about being authentic, credible and accessible. While traditional marketing channels like print, TV, and out-of-home still exist, the focus has shifted towards online communication. The digital world has opened up a vast array of opportunities to build long-term relationships with consumers. Nobody knows what will be the next big thing. Our approach is to create trends and to set benchmarks in brand marketing. We want to lead in everything we do and stay true to our brand’s values at the same time.

How does your brand influence the decisions made at your organization?

Our brands, together with our people, are our most valuable assets. These two factors influence every decision at our organization. We believe in the heritage of our founder, Adi Dassler, who always wanted his team to take responsibility and to support all athletes to achieve their own impossible. Today, we still rely on this strategy. One of the key questions we ask ourselves at adidas in every decision process is, “what would Adi Dassler do?” Some rules just never change, and here at adidas, we commit ourselves to preserving our legacy.

How have you adapted to the impact of technology and social media?

We want to talk to our consumers eye-to-eye and where they are right now. Our young target group stays informed and connected via the internet and social networks. Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as blogs have a huge momentum because they allow everyone to be an expert, sharing their views about our brands and our products with the world in an instant. Some might see this as threat to their brand, but we see it as an opportunity to engage with consumers. Who would have thought five years ago that we would communicate with millions of fans through our Facebook group everyday? We are looking forward to the tools that are yet to come, and embrace them as part of our brand and as part of the lives of our consumers.


Erich Stamminger is a member of the adidas Group’s Executive Board. From 2006 to 2009, he was President and CEO of the adidas brand. Stamminger was appointed to the Executive Board in 1997. Since January 2000, Stamminger has served the company as board member responsible for global marketing. In January 2004, he assumed additional responsibility for adidas in North America as President and CEO of adidas America, Inc. and in 2006, assumed his current role as President of the adidas brand globally. Under Stamminger’s leadership, the adidas brand has achieved several years of consecutive double-digit growth and continues to move from strength to strength.

Stamminger began his career at adidas in 1983 as Head of Market Research for adidas Germany. In 1991, he became Marketing Director and in 1994, Managing Director of adidas Germany. He then moved into a regional role as Senior Vice President, Region Europe, Africa, Middle East in 1996. In 1998, Region Asia was added to his area of responsibility.

Stamminger was born in Rügland, Germany and has a degree in business studies.