A lot has changed in Canadian retail industry since 2012. But Canadian Tire has held its own in a field crowded by new U.S. entrant Target and the expanding footprints of Walmart, Costco and Amazon. The iconic retailer has long played to its Canadian heritage in advertising and recently reshaped its in-store and online experiences to better align with its reputation. But how does the nearly 100-year old retailer accelerate its leadership, get out of line and challenge the industry norms? The newly launched Canadian Tire Express gives the brand an opportunity to expand its vast network into snug urban locations. But with other large format retailers deploying this strategy, it becomes a race to see who can find the right locations fastest. Remember the first rule of retail: location, location, location. We believe the biggest opportunity for Canadian Tire lies in the assimilation of the customer experience. By building on the early success of its lifestyle hub The Canadian Way, coupled with learnings from the mixture of the offline and online experience at sister brand SportChek, CT can create a compelling and fully connected destination for Canadians. With the right integration, Canadian Tire can take the driver’s seat and leave Target, Walmart, Costco and Amazon in its rearview mirror.
Percentage change based on 2012 valuation