Despite the lure of the comforts of home, and the technological advancements of consumer electronics, there is still nothing like going to the movies. And Cineplex is making the experience as big a draw as the movie itself. It all starts with SCENE – Cineplex’s loyalty program that actually drives choice and creates loyalty. The program is simple and delivers value at every interaction as well as through long-term rewards. Cineplex has extended SCENE through the creation of Timeplay – a trivia based game that challenges audience members to compete with one another for prizes. It has also made life easier for the time-pressed by eliminating the need to arrive early for major new releases, instead offering reserved seating in their DVX theaters and screenings in their intimate VIP theatres. Finally, Cineplex’s showing of cultural, sporting and entertainment events from around the world gives consumers the chance to share experiences with likeminded enthusiasts. Cineplex understands it is competing within a crowded field of entertainment options. It has responded by breaking the theatre experience mold, transforming a once passive experience into on that’s fun, active, and now becoming an integral part of the entertainment. For consumers, much of the joy is derived from the shared aspect of the experience, which reflects our digital zeitgeist. We’re in the same place at the same time, but Cineplex makes it a more engaging through a shared technology platform. This brand would do well to continue leveraging technological advancements and integrating them to create a seamless, single-channel super experience for moviegoers and entertainment seekers alike.
Percentage change based on 2012 valuation