When Canadians think of big retailers, brands like Canadian Tire, Loblaw, Shoppers Drug Mart, Target, Costco and Walmart jump to mind. But our highest-ranking new Best Canadian Brands entrant is going all out to ensure they grace that list as well. To be clear, Dollarama is not a typical mass-market retailer. This brand stepped out of line right from the beginning by breaking virtually all of the established retail rules. Dollarama doesn’t advertise – except to promote new store openings. They don’t put items on sale. They don’t run in-store promotions. There’s no loyalty program rewarding its customers for their patronage. And coupons? Not accepted. When we explore Dollarama’s store design and brand identity, we don't believe that either will make the cover of any magazine for innovative design thinking. But is exactly the point. Instead, Dollarama has stripped away all of the above to offer its customers – first-timers and diehards alike – an experience that is practical, straightforward and value driven. Dollarama offers a consistent product selection of everyday household items from national brands and private labels, along with assortment of unique and seasonal items. The results speak for themselves: 800+ stores across Canada (more than 5x its most direct competitor), a dedicated and growing customer base, and significant growth opportunity within the Canadian marketplace. Dollarama is a remarkable study in successful rule-breaking. The challenge ahead for Dollarama is to stay out of line with retail norms, and hold true to its unique brand and values.
Percentage change based on 2012 valuation