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Canadian banks rarely stand out from each other in the consumer’s eye. But CEO Gord Nixon gave Canadians a reason to see RBC differently with his pledge to the country last spring. The CEO of Canada’s largest bank apologized for outsourcing work clearly and honestly in an open letter to Canadians, noting that while RBC acted within regulatory compliance, the bank had not met the expectations of Canadians. Nixon pledged not to send work offshore as a salary-saving tactic. It was the right thing to do. For RBC, a commitment to doing right by the environment and diversity is business as usual. In 2013, the bank continued its support of the Olympics and was recognized as the “best place to work for LGBT equality” by the Human Rights Campaign. As a business, RBC continues to be a profit-making juggernaut, maintaining a position of first or second in market share for all product categories in Canadian banking. It is now the world's sixth largest global wealth manager. How could RBC stand out further? CEO Gord Nixon might have come out with his pledge to support Canadian workers before news of the outsourcing broke. But with programs like the new RBC Career Launch Program, the bank is demonstrating its commitment to a stronger Canada. By continuing to focus on doing more for the Canadian people, RBC can deliver in a way that surprises and delights bank customers across the country.
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