In his first letter to shareholders this year, new Rogers CEO, Guy Laurence, states, “We must strengthen our value proposition to ensure our customers can answer ‘Why Rogers?’". This is a clear and laudable goal that Rogers seems to work towards – and against – simultaneously. On one hand, Rogers invests heavily in wireless infrastructure development and product development. It promotes the brand consistently through massive advertising efforts. It clearly gets that content is king, evidenced by the securing of exclusive rights to the NHL in Canada for the next 12 years through its SportsNet media brand. On the other hand, Rogers is slow to acknowledge the changing media consumption habits of consumers. It focuses on communicating technical product and service attributes rather than benefits. Rogers also finds it difficult to create and sustain positive consumer sentiment. To give consumers the right answers to the question “Why Rogers?”, Guy Laurence must provide all internal stakeholders with clarity on what the brand is going to stand for. He must empower them to consistently create authentic customer experiences that support and deliver on the brand’s promise. We’re hopeful Mr. Laurence will put customers at the centre of Rogers’ promise and keep them there throughout advances in technology and shifts in market dynamics. If not, technology and market dynamics will provide customers with alternatives.
Percentage change based on 2012 valuation