Over the last two years, Shaw has been making an attempt to stand out from the crowd. Under the leadership of new CMO Jim Little, Shaw has unveiled a new brand promise, corporate identity and extensive advertising campaign. And with it, a commitment to utilize the Shaw brand as a strategic tool to differentiate and compete in the competitive telecom and media industry. The new identity gives Shaw a fresh and innovative platform to communicate a friendly and engaging service promise. Building on their heritage and history, Shaw has reaffirmed a long-standing commitment to its people and innovation through their brand promise–the power of its people and its technology. With a competitive landscape that features brands with deeper pockets and greater propensity to advertise, Shaw could step out of line by building their brand through their corporate social responsibility program and define a new media alternative. Consumers are gravitating towards brands that look beyond the bottom line to the overall impact a brand has on the community. By focusing on the people and communities they serve rather than multi-million dollar campaigns, Shaw breaks many industry norms. Shaw has a good corporate social responsibility track record allowing them to bring to life their brand promise in an authentic, new and innovative experience. Ultimately driving choice and creating loyalty with consumers at a level that no traditional or online media campaign could deliver. This level of corporate social responsibility will boost Shaw’s ability to stand out and above from the giants they compete with.
Percentage change based on 2012 valuation