WestJet is the quintessential get out of line brand. This is partially because of youthful exuberance – they are the 2nd youngest brand on our list. It is also because WestJet’s mission, vision and values are played out daily in its behaviours and the experiences the brand delivers to enthusiast customers. WestJet regularly flies in the face of North American airline industry norms. It is a truly employee-led organization, training its people to be excellent service providers and invested stakeholders. WestJet’s commitment to employee profit sharing ensures that every worker is focused on the most important aspect of their business – making and keeping customers happy and satisfied throughout their journey. This has also allowed WestJet to operate without a single unionized group within the company for almost 20 years. The brand is sharply focused on offering a more human and real experience in the air. This approach brings a sense of authenticity and humour to a routine that can be disrupted by countless events and circumstances – within and beyond WestJet’s control. Throughout it all, employees are singularly committed to making the experience a delight for all customers. Just ask those lucky passengers who met Secret Santa last December! WestJet customers are brand enthusiasts. They appreciate the airline’s renegade feel. WestJet employees are passionate, engaged and feel part of something larger. These are substantial victories. How many other airlines in Canada – or even the world – can claim to be flying consistently at this altitude?
Percentage change based on 2012 valuation