Contributors & Special Thanks

Carolyn Ray
Managing Director

Chris Armstrong
Design Director

Amanda Caswell
Consultant of Verbal Identity

Mark Dwyer
Director of Verbal Identity

Meghann Fraser
Director of Strategy

Nicholas Lakas
Director of Strategy

Ellen Wilson
Senior Program Manager

Vandana Ayyar, Manuel Baptista, Lindsay Beltzer, Chris Campbell, Russel Clark, Palak Doshi, Alfred DuPuy, Josh Feldmeth, John Fennessy, Jez Frampton, Graham Hales, Patricia Hennessy, Gail Hoffman, Anna Huang, Rachel Kessman, Maureen Moran, Michelle Pereira, Shayla Persaud, Philip Poell, Anthony Quigley, Kristin Reagan, Michael Rocha, Sarah Springer, Andrea Sullivan, Johnny Trinh, Erica Velis, Michael Waltzer and to the many other Interbrand employees who shared their insights, creativity and time.