Best Indian Brands 2013

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Best Indian Brands Criteria

Best Indian Brands

To start, Interbrand compiles a list of Indian brands from our marketing database based on more than 25 years of valuing brands and nearly four decades of consulting with organizations in India and around the world.

We then narrow the candidates based on the following criteria for consideration:

1. The brand’s country of origin must be India.

2. There must be substantial publicly available financial data.

3. The brand must have a broad public profile and awareness or the brand must be positioned to play a significant role in the consumer’s purchase decision.

4. The economic profit must be positive, showing that there is revenue above the company’s operating and financing costs.

Based on these criteria, certain brands you might expect to see in this report are not included. Additionally, you will not find certain industry sectors included in our study. The airline industry, for example, is highly capital intensive and generally operates on narrow margins. Hence the airline brands’ struggle to achieve positive economic profits over the long term.

For brands that do meet the Interbrand criteria, we next look at the current financial health of the business and brand, the brand’s role in creating demand, and the future strength of the brand as an asset to the business.

For more, please read our overviews on the Best Indian Brands methodology and on brand valuation.