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Opening Up

Chris Campbell

Executive Creative Director, Interbrand New York


Daniel Diez in conversation with Chris Campbell on the inspiration for IQ’s creative issue


There are many ways to change the world. But no matter who you want to engage, or what you need to subvert, there is one thing you have to do: Open up and talk to someone else.



  • Paola Antonelli interview with Chris Campbell
    IQ on Art

    Designs that Speak
    to Us

    Chris Campbell in conversation with Paola Antonelli, Senior Curator at MoMA, on the communication between people and objects.
  • Massimo Vignelli with Chris Campbell
    IQ on Design

    The Trained Eye
    Never Tires

    Designer Massimo Vignelli talks to Chris Campbell about the influence of design in work and life.
  • Hani Rashid with Brian Kenet
    IQ on Architecture

    Forensic Architecture

    Brian Kenet interviews architect Hani Rashid about the constantly evolving role of the architect.

  • KATSU with Alan Roll
    IQ on Street Art

    Hacking the
    Third Dimension

    Graffiti artist KATSU explains why breaking the law can be a conversation starter and authenticity is key in an interview with Alan Roll.
  • Greg Clayman with Jeff Mancini
    IQ on Media

    New Media Pioneers

    Jeff Mancini talks with Greg Clayman, publisher of The Daily, on tapping the potential of a whole new media platform.
  • Jeff Kinney with Peter Cenedella
    IQ on Youth

    Even a Wimpy Kid Can Change the World

    Peter Cenedella in a conversation with Jeff Kinney, best-selling graphic novelist, on redefining the media experience and igniting a passion for reading in today's kids.
  • The Sorrells with Andy Payne
    IQ on Education

    Designing Children

    Andy Payne talks to Sir John & Lady Frances Sorrell, founders of The Sorrell Foundation, on inspiring creativity in schoolchildren.
  • Amy Stokes with Tom Zara
    IQ on Global Citizenship

    Lives on the Line

    In a conversation with Tom Zara, Infinite Family founder Amy Stokes explains how using technology to break down barriers across cultures and geographies.

Points of View

  • Andy Payne

    The World Will Change With or Without Us

    Andy Payne on brands as catalysts in an
    ever-changing world.
  • Peter Cenedella

    Storytellers Unite!

    Peter Cenedella explains the deep past and wild future of words and images.
  • Craig Stout

    This Way Forward

    Craig Stout on changing the world from within through courage, vision, and inspiration.
  • Paola Norambuena

    Brands in the Key of Real

    Paola Norambuena in conversation with Daniel Diez and Peter Cenedella on how a brand that is not a brand is still a brand.

Brands to Watch

  • Pivotal


    What moment, invention, or idea changed your world?
  • Brandspotting


    Find out which brands our team thinks are the next big thing.