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    Year Up

    Year Up welcomed 34 Interbrand volunteers to lead career-coaching conversations. This organization helps to solve the opportunity divide, providing urban young adults skills, experience, and support, empowering them to reach their potential through professional careers and higher education.

    Year Up interns worked with Interbranders in an encouraging setting, asking questions on professionalism, career development and branding. Utilizing the skills of the Interbrand team, we also hosted a branding workshop. During this interactive session, Year Up interns identified their personal strengths, explored what makes them unique and paired their attributes with a brand they admire. We encouraged them to create a visual identity of their personal logo in addition to their tagline. It was a creative brainstorm and both the interns and IB staff were truly inspired.

    At the end of the morning, we gathered to share feedback from the interns. They described their experience as: “Amazing”, “Awesome” and “Fun.” The IB team shared the same sentiments.

    Year Up is a fantastic organization and they are producing phenomenal young adults. We are looking forward to creating ongoing opportunities for Interbranders to work with Year Up!

    Upwardly Global

    Upwardly Global welcomed 25 Interbrand volunteers to share a presentation on Interbrand and conduct mock interview. As their website puts it, "Immigrants want to rebuild their careers. Employers are looking for experienced global talent. Upwardly Global exists to bring them together."

    To kick things off, CEO Nikki Cicerani spoke of the mission of UpGlo and the challenges immigrants looking to establish themselves in the workforce in the US face. She also elaborated on how their organization works to help – through various programs and initiatives – and the value their volunteers bring to the organization and process at large.

    We then moved into our presentation, reviewing not only the value of brand and what it means, but also Interbrand’s unique departments and offerings. After the presentations we broke out for two rounds of our 1–on–1 mock interview sessions, having the opportunity to review resumes, spend 30 minutes interviewing and then discuss feedback with the candidates, highlighting what they're doing well and tips to consider moving forward. It was an amazing opportunity to lend our knowledge and experience in an engaging way.

    At the end of the morning, we gathered to share feedback from both volunteers and "job seekers". Interbranders shared ways to develop your personal brand and truly rally around the things that make you stand out in your interview, relating your strengths to the position you're interviewing for. The participants we were lucky enough to meet with spoke highly of the entire experience – from the Interbrand presentation, to the feeling of openness and welcome in our office. One participant shared that of all the mock interview events she's attended, this one was by far the best, praising the format and overall experience.

    In discussions with the Upwardly Global team, including Laura Barrera–Vera, Senior Associate, Corporate Relations & Volunteer Services, there was much excitement for both the morning and what we can create together moving forward. UpGlo's team came prepared and well-organized to orchestrate the event – a highly impressive group! Their partnership with us thus far could not be more exciting and we look forward to creating ongoing opportunities for Interbranders to work with Upwardly Global!


    The Young Women’s Leadership Network welcomed 75 women from various departments of Interbrand, Interbrand Group, Interbrand Health, and BrandWizard at the Museum of Jewish Heritage to participate in The YWLN’s 9th Annual Brag Party! Communications expert and author Peggy Klaus hosted this incredible, high-energy workshop to learn how to “brag without tooting your own horn!”

    More than 200 girls from Young Women’s Leadership Schools in East Harlem, Astoria and Jamaica participated in the workshop and gained valuable knowledge from the other professional women in their company. “Bragologues” or short, story-like monologues about each woman’s accomplishments, work, interests and more were shared.

    It was a successful day with 400 attendees, an incredible learning experience for all! We look forward to creating ongoing opportunities for Interbranders to work with YWLN!

    DREAM Charter School

    DREAM Charter School in East Harlem, NY welcomed six lucky Interbrand volunteers, who had the opportunity to uncover greatness with two 2nd grade classes. DREAM is a community-based school with a Community Breakfast every morning, allowing families to eat with their children and the students to share a meal with their teachers and the school staff at the start of the day. With two teachers for every class, working from a Co-Teaching Model, every child receives attention and care on their journey to success.

    We worked in groups to brainstorm the top qualities that make DREAM as amazing at it is, in the hopes that the school could use them for future recruiting. The students all showed enthusiasm for the school and shared their favorite activities that instill great values and learning on a daily basis. Some ideas included cooking classes, swimming & many great field trips – strawberry picking was mentioned several times as a particular favorite.

    We walked out of the school in awe. DREAM Charter School is an inspiration! We are motivated to go back again & learn more about DREAM’s institutional partner Harlem RBI too. Keep playing, learning & growing!

    Covenant House

    Covenant House welcomed nine Interbrand volunteers who worked with students in essay writing, grammar and sentence structure in preparation for an upcoming GED exam. Covenant House is a safe haven for homeless young adults between 18-21, providing shelter, clothing and education to the people they serve.

    We worked with students on varying levels of literacy in small groups of either one student to one team member or two students to one volunteer. Sharing our own stories about our careers, educational backgrounds and the paths we took to get to Interbrand, we found the students were curious to learn more.

    The students expressed great appreciation for the personal attention and coaching, which was a new experience for them. The teachers thanked us as well, saying the students shared immediate feedback that they felt encouraged knowing Interbranders valued their intelligence and insights and were happy to help them express themselves.

    Reflecting on the day as a team, we were pleased and surprised at how much of an impact we had in just being there with the students and showing them people care about them and they are not forgotten. It was a truly moving and inspiring day for all of us. We look forward to creating ongoing opportunities for Interbranders to work with Covenant House!

    Dress for Success

    Dress for Success welcomed 30 Interbrand volunteers to its Brooklyn warehouse to help in a mass clothing sort for its clients. Providing professional attire for low-income women, women are empowered to find jobs and build their careers.

    Interbranders tackled piles of donated clothing, sorting them into “Keep,” to be given to Dress for Success clients, “Sale,” to be sold to raise money for the organization’s mission and network of support tools for women, and “Partner,” to share with partner organizations that benefit women throughout the city.

    With hard work and lively spirits, the team processed hundreds of items to help the many women referred to Dress for Success through a diverse network of non-profit and government agencies, including homeless shelters, immigration services, job training programs, educational institutions and domestic violence shelters.

    It was a successful day and we look forward to creating ongoing opportunities for Interbranders to work with Dress for Success!

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