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  • Posted by: Brittany Waterson on Monday, March 11 2013 02:49 PM | Comments (0)
    Haitian Heroes

    Strategy director Dominik Prinz recently shared his passion project, Haitian Heroes, during a learning session at Interbrand New York. Interbrand is not only committed to helping brands be world changing, but to being a world changing consultancy and inspiring and supporting everyone at Interbrand to be world changing individuals. From client work to personal endeavors, employees are committed to making an impact on the future. Progress truly begins from the effort and creativity of an inspired individual.

    The idea for Haitian Heroes came to Prinz after watching a documentary about Haiti. Already having worked in a similar situation in Brazil, he was eager to help in any way possible. Through networking and connections Prinz was able to make contact with a school in Port-au-Prince, marking the beginning of his journey.

    Prinz first visited Haiti in 2011 and the general view that the children are victims surprised him. Hoping to change this perception, he wanted Haitian Heroes to stand for empowerment and hope. Founded on “The Power of Potential,” the organization is dedicated to rebuilding and maintaining a school that was damaged in the 2010 earthquake. Haitian Heroes believes the children hold the key to their own future as well as the country’s.

    “Haitian Heroes” is also the title of an exhibit that will be held in May 2013, in New York City. The show will feature stories and photographs Prinz and his friend Robert Felgentreu have taken and curated of Haitian children.

    Haitian Heroes

    While in Haiti, Prinz and Felgentreu spent a half a day with each child learning about them, their environment and their struggles. The goal of the exhibit is to have visitors walk away with an understanding that the children of Haiti are the symbols of the future, the everyday heroes. All of proceeds from “Haitian Heroes” will be used to fund educational efforts in Haiti.

    Prinz is also the founder of the Red Line Children Charity, an NGO that includes Haitian Heroes. Both organizations are dedicated to improving the lives of children. For more information please visit: www.HaitianHeroes.org and Haitian Heroes on Facebook.

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