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  • Posted by: Katie Conneally on Monday, June 18 2012 02:52 PM | Comments (0)

    From a well-known rapper’s new line of shoes to a controversial brand of Vodka, here’s Interbrand New York’s Verbal Identity team on the names that made them tick this month:

    The BeyHive

    The BeyHive is an extension of everyone’s favorite pop star Beyoncé’s empire. This new fan site plays on the “Queen Bee” persona she’s spent years cultivating. The bee metaphors don’t end there. The Beyhive has its own lingo. If Beyoncé is the “Queen Bee,” her followers are part of the “colony” and they spread “buzz.”

    OMGPop is the company behind some of your favorite online and smart phone games like Draw Something. So it’s only natural that their name conveys the same sense of fun, excitement and wonder as their games.
    Air Yeezy 2

    Air Yeezy 2 proves Kanye West isn’t done taking over the world just yet. His new line of shoes for Nike just hit shelves, and the name calls out both Kanye (also known as “Ye”) and his breezy style. Even before they went on-sale, pairs were going for up to $90,000 on eBay.

    GoMo is Google’s new initiative to help people create mobile versions of their websites. Its name not only incorporates “Google,” but is quick, cute and memorable — perfect for the on the go customer.

    Wunderlist is “wunderful.” Ever feel like you just need to organize your life? Wunderlist is here to help! This task management app’s name play on “wanderlust” is quirky enough to remind you that organization can be fun too.
    Little Sumpin' Wild

    Little Sumpin’ Wild appeals to our love of names that use colloquial abbreviations, especially when the product is as playful and down to earth as the name implies. Get a “little sumpin’ wild” with this summer beer, perfect for sippin’ and hangin’ with friends.
    Dolby Atmos

    Dolby Atmos is the latest from Dolby, which made a name for itself with “Surround Sound.” Now it’s stepping up to the next level with Dolby Atmos. Short for Atmosphere, the name conveys being fully enveloped by sound so you can “hear the whole picture.”
    Cutie Room

    Cutie Room let’s you know exactly what you’re going to get at this boutique on the Lower East Side in NYC. Everything is cute from the dresses to the décor.
    Harold Dieterle

    The Marrow proves there’s no better way to jump on a hot culinary trend than by naming your restaurant after it. This new restaurant in Brooklyn, the latest from Top Chef Season One winner Harold Dieterle, does just that by taking people’s fascination for cooked bone marrow and turning it into an experience.
    Chubby Stick

    Chubby Stick is Clinque’s moisturizing lip color balm, which is as simple as its name implies. This descriptive name speaks to the actual shape of the stick, not where the makeup goes as most cosmetics do. It’s easy and carefree. Who would worry about coloring inside the lines with one of these?
    Five Wives Vodka

    Five Wives Vodka is a bold name choice. When you have a name that gets banned by the state of Idaho, you know it must be good. The makers of Five Wives Vodka threatened to sue Idaho for banning the sale of their alcohol due to its suggestion of polygamy. There’s no verdict in the case, but it’s a name that sticks.

     Slice.com is a rare treat. Real word names are hard to come by these days, and it's always refreshing when you see one. Slice.com is a website and app that tracks all of your online shopping orders and tracking numbers so you don't have to, taking a "slice" out of all that stuff you need to keep track of.

    Threadflip is an interesting name. When most people hear the term "flip," they think of flipping a house. But Threadflip manages to take this term, pairing it with the slang word for clothes, and use it cleverly in a new context: clothing swaps.


    Written by Katie Conneally  & NY's Verbal Identity Naming Team

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