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  • Posted by: Katie Conneally on Thursday, September 20 2012 11:46 AM | Comments (0)

    It's the most fashionable time of the year. New York City and London have wrapped up their Fall Fashion Weeks and next it's on to Paris and Milan, where designers will show off the best of their 2013 collections. For New York's Verbal Identity team all this fashion has us talking  about the beauty and fashion names we like:

    Written by Katie Conneally & NY's Verbal Identity Naming Team


    BLK DNM is an anti-trend denim line that takes a no-frills approach to its jeans, as well as its naming. By removing the vowels in "black denim," BLK DNM takes away anything unnecessary, leaving you with exactly what you need to understand what they're all about, and nothing more. The same can be said for how they name their products: "Leather Jacket 8" and "Jeans 22" get straight to the point too.


    Hello Flawless is Benefit's new foundation line and is a fun take on the saying "Hello beautiful." With shades like "Cheers to Me Champagne: and "I'm So Money Honey," the whole line uses playful names that make you feel confident and on top of the world.


    Dot is the new perfume from Marc Jacobs, a classic and whimsical name, just like the rest of Marc Jacobs' brand. It also makes the perfect name for a perfume. "Dot" is the punctuation in your morning routine, the last thing you put on when everything else is ready to go.

    White Chalk

    White Chalk is a boutique in New York City with a name that harkens back to the days of Savile Row. "White Chalk" is a term associated with the bespoke tailoring of suits and is a nice nod to the heritage of handmade suits that still sounds modern.


    OPI Germany Collection

    OPI Germany Collection honors Berlin Fashion Week with their "Germany" collection this fall. Names like "Don't Pretzel my Buttons," "Berlin There, Done That," "German-icure" and "Every Month is Oktoberfest" use witty language and turns of phrase to create a playful and fashionable mood.

    Rag & Bone
    Rag & Bone is a well-known line that gets its name from the 19th century British term "rag and bone man." a person who would collect garbage and scraps from the neighborhood to resell or reuse. This name not only pays homage to the past and British history, but also emphasizes the ides of conservation and ingenuity.

    Dunderdon is a Swedish work wear brand that has taken the menswear market by storm, literally. Derived from the Swedish words for "thunder" and "tool," Dunderdon is a strong name for a brand that prides itself on honesty, simple designs, craftsmanship and innovation.
    Essie “Stylenomics” Collection

    Stylenomics is a collection from nail polish company Essie. Nail polish brands are honing their skills at clever naming, tapping into the trends of the moment. This fall? Essie's Stylenomics Collection is all about getting the most bang for your buck when it comes to fashion, with names like "Recessionista," "Miss Fancy Pants," "Skirting the Issue," and our favorite, "Don't Sweater It."


    Skora is a running shoe company from Oregon, known for doing things differently and encouraging people to "run real." The same foes for its name. Skora is coined from the word "score," giving you the motivation you need to succeed and win, in a new and fresh way.

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