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  • Posted by: Katie Conneally on Tuesday, January 14 2014 02:27 PM | Comments (0)

    The big news out of CES 2014 may have been the futuristic technology — everything from Samsung’s bendable TV to AT&T’s Drive, the connected car project, to personal drones that fit in your pocket. But here in Interbrand’s Verbal Identity department, we’re more interested in the product names that will be on everyone’s lips this year, starting with two of the biggest trends: the connected home and wearable technology.

    Connected Home

    Both Samsung and LG debuted connected home products with descriptive, real word names that have the potential to define the category. Samsung’s Smart Home platform lets you use your smart gadgets to manage home devices and appliances. And in case you’ve ever wanted to ask your fridge what’s for dinner, LG’s HomeChat allows users to communicate with their appliances via text message.

    On the other side of the naming spectrum, new company Sen.se launched Mother, a programmable home monitoring device that can track everything from movement to temperature, and “cares about you and loves you” just like your real mom would.

    Wearable Technology

    When it comes to the trend of wearable technology, the focus is on fitness. Names like LG’s Life Band Touch, which descriptively says it all, and Garmin’s Vivoki and Vivofit, which coin names off Latin roots, position wearable technology as a total lifestyle.

    Other wearable technology names highlight the “getting in shape” aspect of their devices. The Core from Sony speaks to everyone who’s ever gone to a pilates or yoga class, and Reign from JayBird, taps into the competitive side of fitness tracking where stats are king.

    There’s also wearable technology with a specific purpose. June is a sophisticated name for Netamo’s device that alerts you when you’ve been out in the sun too long. The name is an elegant nod to the month with the longest day of the year and start of summer, and complements the device’s fashion-forward design.

    Voyce, a fitness tracking collar for your dog, displays stats like heart rate that help you keep watch over the health of your pup. While it may sound generic, the name subtlety suggests the power of technology to help your pet communicate through more than just woofs, giving a voice to man’s best friend.

    Katie Conneally is a Consultant, Verbal Identity at Interbrand New York.

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