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  • Posted by: Amy Edel-Vaughn on Thursday, April 11 2013 04:58 PM | Comments (0)

    Spiriant's Visual Identity

    LSG Sky Chefs, an international brand known for its airline catering, galley equipment and in-flight management, called upon Interbrand Hamburg to help develop Spiriant into an autonomous brand. After conducting market research and analyzing the scope of its in-flight equipment business in relation to its total offerings, it was clear there was great potential for an independent brand.

    Under the flagship LSG Sky Chefs brand, the company’s in-flight equipment has won the Crystal Cabin Award, the Observeur du Design Award, the red dot: best of the best award and the Gold Mercury Award. As LSG Sky Chefs expands its portfolio of food management, onboard retail management, supply chain management and operations management to include lounge and train services, as well as school and hospital catering, Spiriant will carry on its award-winning tradition of in-flight product and equipment design.


    Spiriant provides the Enlight product line, an eco-friendly series of lightweight, compact and durable porcelain tableware, trays and sugarcane tableware and meal boxes. The brand also provides a line of natural toiletries, linens, 100% cotton hot towels and ergonomic galley equipment.

    To differentiate the newly independent Spiriant, Interbrand Hamburg created a verbal and visual identity for the brand. "The name and the slogan Spiriant bring 'Where Inspiration meets Performance' brand promise to the point," said Richard Veit, Managing Director of Interbrand Hamburg.

    Spiriant's New Logo

    Combining the essences of innovation, inspiration and initiative, the name expresses Spiriant’s work and vision for the future. The logo, incorporating a soft ampersand symbol (&) and plus sign (+) conveys the value proposition of Spiriant: creating value through the combination of emotion & function, design & technology and inspiration & performance. The secondary design element playfully embodies Spiriant’s creative process with its clients, personalizing work to meet individual needs.

    Erdmann Rauer, LSG Sky Chefs, Sales Director noted, "The introduction of Spiriant underlines our intention to invest in the equipment activities even more. With more than 20 years experience in this business, we have the product knowledge, a qualified supplier base and the purchasing power to tap the existing market potential further."

    Spiriant's Palette

    Amy Edel-Vaughn is Interbrand's Community Manager.

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  • Posted by: Interbrand on Monday, February 6 2012 09:47 AM | Comments (0)

    Where is the airline industry headed? To Asia-Pacific and the Middle East, for starters, as these regions experience massive growth and increased demand for air travel. What’s more, customers everywhere expect airlines to build deeper relationships and engage them via digital platforms.

    How do these trends drive innovation in the airline industry and beyond? Check out our latest white paper, What’s in store for 2012?, for surprising insights.

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  • Posted by: Melinda Flores on Friday, February 12 2010 02:23 PM | Comments (0)

    We’ve all heard it before. Wear your seat belt. Don’t smoke. Put on your emergency mask before assisting others. The standard airline safety video, the one only first-time fliers (printed safety instructions clutched firmly in hand) ever bother to watch.

    But some airlines have taken the opportunity to use their flight safety videos to say something about their brand. It’s not surprising that Virgin America is ahead of the pack.

    Launched in August 2007 with the idea of “creating an airline people love," Virgin America seeks to reinvent the typical domestic flight experience, featuring more ergonomically-correct seating throughout the plane, touch-screen in-flight entertainment and fleet-wide Wi-Fi, as well as mood lighting designed to help passengers relax.

    And even the flight safety video speaks to customers in an all-new way, with a unique voice that’s a natural extension of the Virgin brand. Half snarky pal, half friendly host, the unseen male narrator says things like, “For the .0001% of you who have never operated a seatbelt before, it works like this” and “Keep in mind that your seat cushion is not a flotation device —so please don’t take it home with you.”

    The narrator’s slight Southern twang lends him an extra down-home authenticity, and the messages he sends are designed to put passengers at ease. Every safety procedure, from locating the emergency exits to inflating the life vest, is presented as a simple task that will be easily accomplished in the exceedingly rare event that something were to go wrong. In fact, the term “just in case” is used a few times to stress that these are merely preventative measures everyone must comply with, according to what the narrator calls “our friends at the FAA.”

    The video also recognizes the limits of its own genre, signing off with this gem: “We promise to do everything we can to make sure you have a safe, comfortable flight — not the least of which is ending this speech now.”

    Produced by Anomaly with animation by Wild Brain, the video has a distinct visual identity as well. The illustrative style, a hybrid of Tim Burton and Edward Gorey, looks more like something you’d watch on Adult Swim than something you’d see on an airplane. The video not only sends a message about safety — that, in the unlikely event that something should happen, we should all be prepared — but also sends a message about the kind of experience you’ll have with Virgin America. Playful, irreverent, honest, unexpected.

    Which might just be enough to get people watching those flight safety videos again.

    Want to see it for yourself?

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