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  • Posted by: Interbrand São Paulo on Tuesday, February 18 2014 05:38 PM | Comments (0)


    One of the most fun projects the team in Interbrand’s São Paulo office worked on recently was creating the new positioning and identity for Netshoes. A brand that began here in São Paulo, this Brazilian sporting goods brand has grown to see $1.5 billion in revenue.

    With 16 million monthly visitors to its site and 5% of its sales coming from mobile, Netshoes has clearly become an e-commerce leader. A strategic partner of Nike, Adidas and Facebook, according to Google Trends, the brand is more searched on Google Brazil than even Nike or Adidas.

    Although a strong and growing brand, Netshoes was facing a perception issue. Consumers still weren’t seeing the brand as sports specialists. Interbrand was called in to turn this around.

    To best meet the challenges of this exciting project, multiple practice areas in the São Paulo office came together to work collaboratively. Strategy, design and verbal identity worked to define a new positioning for Netshoes, putting sports first.

    We defined a new language for the brand, communicating with athletes, both professional or amateur. Visually, a radical change was made, infusing much more color into the design to convey dynamic energy and motion.

    Netshoes' Visual Identity

    Netshoes' Verbal Identity

    As can be seen here, the new visual identity, with its vivid color palette, is full of energy, embodying athleticism and allowing the brand to stand out in the digital world.

    Netshoes' Verbal and Visual Identity

    Netshoes' Verbal Identity

    The verbal identity creates a direct connection to athletes. With agility and creativity, a conversation about sports is clearly created.

    The strategic, visual and verbal work all creates a brand positioning that conveys movement and speed. The brand speaks of performance, harmony and well-being. Thus, every athlete is welcome.

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  • Posted by: Alexandra Meyer on Monday, November 4 2013 01:48 PM | Comments (0)
    Interbrand Toronto

    Interbrand's Best Global Brands 2013 celebrations continue globally, and as part of the launch events, Interbrand Toronto hosted an event at Shangri-La Restaurant in Toronto. The event was a discussion-focused dinner, gathering senior marketers of some of Canada’s most prominent brands.

    Alfred DuPuy, Managing Director of Interbrand Toronto, ignited the dialogue with an overview of the report and its theme: Leadership - What it means for Canadian Brands. “In such a complex and nuanced atmosphere, it’s apparent to us that leadership has never been more integral to a brand’s success,” he said.

    Best Global Brands 2013“The really cool thing is that we’re seeing this kind of leadership development right here in Canada," DuPuy added. "We’re proving we are able competitors on the global stage.”

    Throughout the evening, the buzz around how Canadian brands lead could be heard through a number of emerging areas of focus – from Customer Brand Engagement to Brand Governance and Corporate Citizenship.

    If the BGB Canada event was any indication, the opportunity for Canadian brands to lead in an ever-changing marketplace is abundant. We are looking forward to seeing how these brands rise to the challenges they face.

    For more information on Interbrand Toronto, please contact Tamara Roberts, Interbrand Toronto.

    Alexandra Meyer is a Senior Associate at Interbrand Toronto.

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  • Posted by: Brittany Waterson on Wednesday, May 22 2013 05:24 PM | Comments (0)
    Pauline Tapin

    As the world’s largest branding consultancy, Interbrand is proud to offer global opportunity to rising talent. With a multitude of disciplines, our internships allow undergraduates to gain hands-on experience in a branding environment. Interbrand’s unique program fully integrates the students into their respective departments and helps them gain an understanding of the branding world.

    Interns at Interbrand Seoul Our global offices host different programs tailored to their individual location. Internships range from Korea’s competitive BDVL (Brand Design Vision Leaders) course, which is a mix of full time and part time periods, to Zurich’s six month challenge.

    Around the world, Interbrand interns are gaining valuable experience, helping to shape their future careers. Brand strategist intern at the London office Libby Clifton-Astley recalls, “Starting at Interbrand I was immediately placed on a project for Topshop. I think this is where I learned the most -sitting in on client calls and experiencing every part of the process, it was all so impressive.” The chance to work directly with different clients is a benefit of the intern program.

    The opportunity to travel to intern internationally is also a possibility with Interbrand. Cincinnati resident Jessa Strayer, who interned at the Singapore office, observed, “Being from America, I've learned how different aspects of design (color, pattern, shapes) can have different meaning for these brands than what they might have back home.” Interning abroad can be an exciting endeavor and an important tool in fostering new perspectives on the branding industry.

    Interbrand New York PresentationsAt Interbrand New York, our interns participate in a ten-week program where they split their time between working as a team for a non-profit client and on billable deliverables. Last year, the interns of IBNY worked with Per Scholas, an organization dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty through their Bronx-based IT training program.

    Former BMS/Implementation intern Sam Schulman shares, “Working with Per Scholas was an amazing experience. Because of such a positive partnership, the work we did has actually been implemented." The team worked on solutions for re-shaping the Per Scholas brand and as of February 2013, the efforts of the intern team are now actualized on the organization’s website.

    Interbrand New York is gearing up to welcome its Summer 2013 interns and Interbrand offices around the world have openings for interns throughout the year. To see our current international list of open internship positions, please visit our Careers Page. Interbrand across the globe is dedicated to providing an educational curriculum to students interested in the future of branding.

    For more photos and quotes from our internship program participants from around the globe, please see our full album on Facebook.

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  • Posted by: Interbrand on Thursday, August 9 2012 11:01 AM | Comments (0)

     Mike Rigby

    Last week, Interbrand Australia Creative Director Mike Rigby spoke to a sold out crowd at the Brisbane State Library on 'Life Beyond Logos.' The Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA), a national organization for professional graphic designers founded in 1988 with a mission to "facilitate the advancement of the graphic design profession in Australia."

    Mike Rigby 

    The talk discussed the transition from an industry once fixated with logos and corporate identity, to one now fully embracing the full power of branding. In an era of exponential change and unprecedented financial / environmental crises, Mike discussed how brand designers have had to re-think how we create and manage brands, and even our own role within society.

    He shared some recent examples of brands that have – with the help of their creative partners – managed to completely reconfigure their businesses in order to contribute more meaningfully to the world.

     Mike Rigby

    He shared his belief that design and branding can – and indeed should – be a transformational force, not simply a lick of paint. That it can reshape businesses, challenge perceptions, unite culture and on occasion, change the world.

    Life Beyond Logos 

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  • Posted by: Ariën Breunis on Monday, April 9 2012 01:58 PM | Comments (0)

    Last Friday, I finally managed to have dinner with a good friend of mine. We hadn’t seen each other in months, so we had lots to talk about. I was particularly interested in hearing about his new job in Amsterdam’s flagship Apple store.

    During the starter course, I discovered that my friend had been on Apple’s payroll since January -- more than two months before the official store opening in March! This was the case because my friend had been involved in extensive training sessions since the beginning of the year.

    Before being faced with hordes of Apple enthusiasts in Amsterdam, my friend was required to work alongside international colleagues in the Apple stores of Covent Garden and Regent Street in London. During the rare occasions when he was actually in Amsterdam, my friend spent his days in a Hilton hotel participating in employee engagement training. In those two months prior to the Amsterdam Apple store opening, my friend learned everything about the Apple brand, its products and services, its communications, its retail environments, its channels and, of course, its people.

    As our main course arrived and my friend continued to discuss how helpful his training time had been in London, I realized why Apple employees have such strong internal clarity around -- and great commitment to – the Apple brand itself. Apple seems to innately understand that great brands start from within.

    As dinner continued, I brought up another leading brand, Nike. I asked my friend if he knew what an ‘Ekin’ was (Nike spelled backwards). He did not, so I explained the story about Nike and its ‘Ekins.’ To be an ‘Ekin’ means one is a true Nike brand ambassador -- someone who spreads the gospel of Nike around the world. After intensive training, each ‘Ekin’ is invited to have the well-known Nike swoosh symbol tattooed on his/her ankle -- a true sign of devotion to the brand.

    After dinner, my friend and I parted ways. We agreed to meet up again in a couple of weeks. I won’t be surprised in the least if he shows up sporting Apple tattoos, one on each ankle.

    Ariën Breunis is a Senior Consultant (Brand Strategy & Analytics) in Interbrand’s Amsterdam office.

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