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Has Employee Brand Engagement evolved?

Posted by: Maryann Stump on April 08, 2010

When it came to engaging employees, broadcasting the brand was once considered enough. Every employee was informed and trained in the brand the same way regardless of their job description. The training itself focused on the mechanics of the brand. It covered understanding what the brand stands for and how to use the logo correctly, rather than how to deliver the brand through actions and behaviors.

In a world of micro-segmentation and one-to-one marketing, brand training is still too often a broadcast effort that lacks measurable links to business performance.

Smart companies are finding ways to link brand training to employees’ specific duties and the customer experience to improve overall employee engagement and drive business results. But how common is this? Is employee engagement still the responsibility of HR departments alone or are CEOs getting involve as well? And what role is social media playing?

Interbrand is conducting a global survey to understand how companies are linking employee engagement and brand today. Preliminary results show that less than 50 percent of brand training programs link the brand to the typical customer experience or desired brand behaviors.

You can participate in the survey here. It should take no more than five minutes.

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