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Etymology: Your verbal identity source

Posted by: Paola Norambuena on June 21, 2010
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etymology: your verbal identity source

We all work with words every day, from the simplest task to the most complex of communications. We understand the power of words, and we try to channel their quicksilver power. When we get it right, our words help create brands that evolve at the speed of our world. And they change the vocabulary.

That’s why we’re bringing etymology to you.

In every issue of our newsletter we’ll trace the arc of that
evolution, and we’ll seek out the source – the point of creation where brand and word meet and catch lightning
in a bottle.

We’ll look specifically at cultural, market and industry trends – but most importantly we’ll discuss how language is evolving to meet them. We’ll break down the information, and highlight what to look for as we name and write our brands every day.

Etymology is your source for all things naming and verbal identity.

Here, in our first issue, we start with a look at our tried-and-true 10 Most Common Naming Mistakes. When it comes to brands, the name is critical – it’s often the first thing your customers get to know about you, and from there it becomes the single most used identifier to represent your brand.

However, many organizations often take a very haphazard approach to naming. Want to know why? Take a look at the most common mistakes made when creating or choosing a name – and some tips to avoid them.

Looking forward to exchanging words,

Paola Norambuena
Head of Verbal Identity


10 Most Common Mistakes

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