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Demand and Desire 6: Sports

Posted by: Interbrand on June 22, 2010

Jez Frampton

Interbrand is very excited about the FIFA World Cup. Hence, the subject of this month's Demand and Desire podcast.

The World Cup provides consumers with drama, characters, heroes, villains—all of which are essential for the emotional whip of a narrative. These are the ingredients that make a brand a living, breathing asset and wealth creator. And together, with audiences eyes glued to the high-stakes unfolding on the television, all the attention has resulted in a virtual brand-fest.
But do sports sponsorships benefit brands? Is a sports star useful as a lifestyle model for a brand, or is the risk of human flaws potentially damaging? Is the instrument responsible for the amazing noisy buzz from the stadium at the FIFA World Cup the fastest global brand awareness story of all time? And what exactly is the "spirit" of a sport?
In this edition of Demand And Desire CEO Jez Frampton chats with two esteemed colleagues who have been involved very closely in the branding of sports organizations and global sports events. Chris Davenport is the Verbal Identity Director in London, and Creative Director here in London is Gion-men Krugel, a native of Switzerland—still giddy on the Swiss beating the World Cup favorites in the opening group stage! Together, they parse out the questions above and even attempt to predict the winner of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

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