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Nike Conquers the World Cup

Posted by: Graham Hales on June 22, 2010

Hats off to Nike in the current stage of their continuous combat with adidas.

Even though Nike avoided official World Cup sponsorship and officially sponsored only one team (Brazil), we can now see the stunning effects of the brand management around the Nike Tiempo Legend Elite. They are the unmistakeable orange football boots that we're seeing throughout the World Cup, if you aren't familiar with the name.

Traditional brands have taken the expensive route of sponsorship and perimeter boards. Meanwhile, Nike understands that choosing the world's elite football players' boots offers a ringing endorsement. After all, what could be more important to an elite player?
As well as selecting the right vehicle, Nike has ring fenced its band of notorious prima-donnas into accepting one common design. The impact of orange heel shadows across the pitch creates an intriguing visual impact that leaves you needing to find out more.
Whilst the price may be even more difficult to digest than the name, it’s another away win to Nike, I think.

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