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North Korea’s only got one "Legea" to stand on

Posted by: Graham Hales on June 23, 2010

Do you ever find yourself marveling at the contradictions of your own psyche?
OK, maybe I'm on my own here, but whilst I'm repelled by everything North Korean, oh excuse me, the People's Democratic Republic of North Korea, I'm falling for their football team. Although their 7-0 annihilation by Portugal is perhaps a truer reflection of North Korea’s World Cup potential, they showed admirable spirit and pluck in their 2-1 Brazil match.
Maybe it is the appeal of the underdog, but considering the frankly dull first round matches, the North Koreans felt like a stand-out team. And as a brand consultant, I quickly found myself scanning to see what brand sensed early on that this team might be a prospect for sponsorship.

It turns out to be Legea. This, ahem, household name of Italian sportswear came forward and released its coffers to the tune of $4.9m.
Can you imagine being in the meeting when the North Korean team was proposed as Legea’s team? What risk analysis was conducted? How does the North Korean team mirror the values of Legea? Or do the values of Legea find a kindred spirit within the North Korean set up? And why wasn't I involved in any way? I'd have a great story to tell if the games got dreary!

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