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Wireless Technology: Quick, seize the opportunities

Posted by: Kevin Perlmutter on June 23, 2010

Have you noticed that the way we live, work and play is changing, thanks to wireless technology?  If not, I’ll repeat the words stated by telecom advertiser, channeling through Tom Selleck, about 20 years ago – “You Will.”

In the last few months alone, I came across dozens of articles about the impact of wireless technology, not just on consumer behavior, but on business and industries. Here are just a few: “Digital Revolution Shakes Foundations of Book Retailing” (Wall Street Journal) and “In Price Wars E-Readers Go Below $200” (New York Times). Both of the above emphasize how changes in customer behavior are shaking up all aspects of the publishing industry. 

Then there’s “Can airlines make money off the iPad?” (US Today) which suggests that wireless can positively impact a business through the customer experience. Meanwhile, “Mercedes to Give iPads to Dealers” points to changes that wireless can have on workforce behavior and sales practices.
As these examples demonstrate, wireless technology is positively impacting consumer behavior and opening doors to new opportunities for businesses in a myriad of ways. That’s why brand owners and sales people need to take note immediately and understand how wireless will impact their own business practices.
But this is just a quick look at the wireless explosion. You can read more about the topic in the article “More than Just Talk: Driving demand with Wireless,” which examines the impact that wireless will have across many business sectors, as well as the significant opportunities that it will create for businesses that seize the opportunity to improve their customers' experiences.

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