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Best Global Green Brands to Launch July 26, 9 a.m. EST

Posted by: Jennifer Bassett on July 01, 2011

Of all corporate citizenship initiatives, Interbrand has found that green efforts are currently the most visible – and often times, the most inaccurately communicated. Indeed, organizations like Greenpeace have made it part of their mission to call out the many brands that present themselves to consumers as “green,” but which are quite the opposite in practice. The reverse is true as well. Take Nokia, which has consistently ranked high in terms of green performance, and yet trails behind competitors in terms of customer’s perception of its efforts.

It is because of this frequent misalignment between brand performance and perception that Interbrand (with performance research conducted by Deloitte) has decided to offer a thorough and accurate green ranking, which we will be launching on Interbrand’s website on July 26, 9:00 a.m. EST. Our goal is to create a score that effectively measures leading brands’ green efforts and to ensure that those brands’ excelling in this area receive credit for their initiatives.

We invite you to head to our website on July 26 to view our table, methodology, key findings, and insights. You may be surprised by what you see...

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