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Customizing Colors for Glidden

Posted by: Dyfed "Fred" Richards on July 11, 2011

Tight deadlines don’t have to dictate a paint-by-number approach to package design. Three recent major projects for AkzoNobel’s Glidden paint brand illustrate this point, as each was customized to meet the demands of a fast-changing retail environment.

Interbrand uses what we call our Pointing North collaborative design process, where each project’s design team is able to develop hundreds of creative concepts in a matter of days. The process gets everyone involved in creative exploration, including client stakeholders and representatives from each of Interbrand’s four disciplines—strategy and research, account management, design, and implementation. Everyone gathers in a single room to identify what project success should look like, explore each direction of a creative compass, and evaluate the results.

When a session concludes, the team has a 360-degree view of graphic and structural possibilities and accompanying guidelines. Most important, the process ensures that the client and all disciplines are aligned prior to creative exploration. This preemptive creative alignment was a critical success factor in the package design work for Glidden, particularly since each of the three completed projects focused on different target audiences and different retail settings.

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