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Tapping into a New Era of Learning

Posted by: Rachel Bernard on September 19, 2011

There is an evolution in learning taking place. Due to the prevalence of mobile computing and digital content, access to educational material is increasing at exponential rates. Cengage Learning, a leading provider of innovative teaching, learning, and research solutions, has played a key role in shaping this evolution with its recent launch of MindTap™.

MindTap™ – a revolutionary new learning solution named by Interbrand – is defining the role of technology in the future of education. Originally launched during the TED annual conference in March 2011, Cengage Learning’s unique solution creates a personalized learning experience that taps into the wider world of knowledge, far beyond last century’s static textbooks and classroom lectures.

The MindTap™ name represents learning as a fluid experience. In this context, knowledge is something that can be acquired or drawn as if from a vessel or container. MindTap™ is both a receptacle and a conduit that retains and transfers the most relevant and dynamic content using the most modern tools. In the process it is fundamentally transforming the educational experience for this generation’s students.

We are thrilled to have provided the name for such a revolutionary solution, and are excited to witness the transformative effect it will have on the learning experience. Go MindTap™!


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