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Apples Come From Tiny Seeds

Posted by: Robert Pyrah on October 07, 2011

Steve Jobs

Apples come from tiny seeds. And thanks to Steve, language grew on Apple trees.

From pods to pads, the design was appealing. But so were the words – they had fresh byte and new meaning.

Thinking Different became many brands’ chosen mantra; Make mine an ‘i-‘: the client’s new banter.

So thank you, Steve, for transforming people’s Jobs: from ‘representatives’ into ‘genius’ bods.

For inviting us, in your shops, to sit at the ‘bar’; Using only first names, cutting out the blah-blah.

For an appy new world of instant flair - Snappily named, like Blendr, Foursquare.

But above all, Steve, you made us grow, too. Helping me to be ‘i’, and the business of words fly.

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