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Jez Frampton on CNBC Discussing Steve Jobs

Posted by: Shirley Brady on October 07, 2011

“I can't think of another executive in my lifetime, except maybe Walt Disney, who was as not only the face of his brand, but really was the brand, synonymous with it,” Interbrand global CEO Jez Frampton told CNBC’s Power Lunch on a panel discussing the loss of Apple visionary Steve Jobs. “He was an icon. Without question, he had a huge impact on that company and has a massive impact, of course, on all of our lives.”

Jobs understood that a brand is more than its logo, he added: “Apple has always positioned themselves as a human technology company, and they had a very, very important and iconic human being who was leading and walking the talk and really was the brand in some degree. He really understood that brands are not just about communications or logos, they are about the way you do business — your products, your environments, the way you sell, the way your products and services interoperate. He was a great visionary and it's a great loss for all of us.” Watch more above.

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