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As work and play meld together, user experience is tech’s top metric

Posted by: Interbrand on February 21, 2012

As always, the technology in our lives continues to evolve unimpeded—despite global economic meltdowns, political unrest, and social revolution. The year ahead will find this sector rocketing forward while being buffeted by a number of game-changing trends. Take technology at the workplace, for instance. As the lines blur between work and life in general, so too the lines between devices used strictly for work or play. Security will become ever more important as nearly everything we do is online, and consumers are no longer content with tech that merely helps them get things done. The experience of using any particular technology is what will make or break it. How will these trends play out in the year ahead? Gain insight into tech and 15 other critical sectors in our latest white paper, What’s in store for 2012?

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