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Rose gold by any other name

Posted by: Penelope Davis on March 15, 2012

A touch of old world naming still holds the highest standard.

In celebration of its 175th anniversary, Tiffany launched the Rubedo® rose-gold metal collection. Creating a new metal is a first for the jewelry house, but it promises to be one that endures.

Like the metal, the word “rubedo” has a beautiful blend of meanings. As first blush, the name appears to be another empty vessel; the kind of Latin-based name that oversaturates every category. However, scratch the surface and you’ll find a word with a storied past that is sure to be revived on the lips of modern woman.

Latin for “redness,” in alchemy it’s the word used to signal alchemical success—and the end of great work. Carl Jung used it to represent the self archetype, or the point at which a person discovers his or her true nature.

Tiffany has long defined style through its masterpieces. While the name expertly suggests rose-gold color, the name Rubedo takes the brand’s promise further, and suggests a deeper definition of style: one that’s more personal and fulfilling.

As names go, Rubedo succeeds: it tells a specific, meaningful story and reflects Tiffany’s well-established point of view. It reminds us of the beauty standards that Tiffany represents, and reflects its commitment to quality in every facet of the brand.

Tiffany, we salute you for a beautifully forged name in a time when real words are tough to come by.

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