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IBH Creative Manager Shares Passion for Healthcare Branding with Harvard Community

Posted by: InterbrandHealth on April 24, 2012
Meredith Harris, InterbrandHealth Creative Manager

On Wednesday April 4th, IBH Creative Manager, Meredith Harris, gave a presentation at her alma mater, Harvard University Graduate School of Design. Meredith provided graduate students with insight into how she was able to parlay her degree in architecture into a career in healthcare branding. There was a brief Q&A session after the presentation. Here are some of the questions the students asked Meredith.

Q&A with Meredith Harris

Q: What did you hope to accomplish as you entered the design/consulting profession?

A: I wanted to find a way to work in the healthcare industry and still apply my creative side. I liked the inherent structure and regulations that are built into the healthcare industry, which to me present an interesting challenge, especially from a design standpoint. Ultimately, I wanted to work in a field that could provide a balance between my interests in medicine and design, and required a strategic application of the skills I developed in architecture school.

Q: Any previous employments that contributed to your current role?

A: Because of my undergraduate experiences in the healthcare industry, ranging from the volunteer work I did in hospitals to internships at the National Institute of Health; I have an understanding of what these working environments are like and where the opportunities are for brand in these areas. When I speak with our clients, I can easily understand the scientific context of their work and the lengthy processes required in order to make their research come to life.

Also, my internships at various architecture firms contributed to my current role because each firm offered more than just architectural services; I contributed to several other design projects for graphic design and product design. Thus, I was experienced in balancing several different types of projects at once and present design work to a client.

Q: What is it about your job in healthcare branding that you enjoy the most?

A: I enjoy being able to manage design work for the healthcare industry as a whole, which goes beyond architectural services and includes visual, verbal, and experiential design. I enjoy the challenge of creating brands that are truly engaging for audiences that are currently disengaged or simply unaware of how these healthcare companies can provide them with a revolutionary experience.

Q: Tell us about your most ambitious goals in the role that you play today.

A: I am truly passionate about brand and what it can do for the healthcare space. I aspire to bring a more total brand experience to InterbrandHealth clients and demonstrate how this can bring value to their business and to the people who need their services/products.

One’s health is so incredibly personal and inherently experiential. I am always looking for ways in which we can deliver on designing an experience and not just a logo that reaches an audience and influences how they think about their own health.

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