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Interbrand New York Participates in The Great Recycle

Posted by: Interbrand on Wednesday, May 9 2012 05:53 PM
The Great Recycle Bin

“At Interbrand, Corporate Citizenship is woven into our values, our behaviors and our practice,” says Executive Director Tom Zara. In addition to Interbrand’s recent Corporate Citizenship Day of Service, Interbrand New York participated in The Great Recycle.

In an effort to support New York City’s mission to dramatically boost recycling, Honest Tea, GrowNYC, Recyclebank, Coca-Cola Live Positively, Global Inheritance and 5-Boro Green Services launched The Great Recycle. With an event held in Times Square, including a 30-foot-tall inflatable recycling bin, and a digital campaign to encourage people to pledge to recycle, 15,641 bottles were collected on site and 35,500 people around the country pledged to recycle 275,000 containers weekly.

“New York City is making great strides toward a greener, greater future, and initiatives like ‘The Great Recycle’ expand on opportunities for residents and visitors alike to help us meet our sustainability goals,” said Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. “Thousands of people here in New York and beyond will think twice about throwing out plastics and other recyclables, and the materials collected will be put to excellent use in our public school urban gardens.”

Recycling Bins

Interbrand recycles year-round and was happy to engage in this campaign. Our building’s waste management company sorts the recyclable cans and bottles from the regular trash after it is picked up. But during this special campaign, all soda cans from conference rooms, all beer and wine bottles from our weekly Friday Brain Wash events and any drink pouches from Bring Your Child to Work Day were deposited into specially marked bins throughout the office. Each floor had two or more clearly marked bins to collect empty beverage containers.

After one week of collecting, the office pulled together a total of 728 glass and plastic bottles, including 255 soda cans. IBNY’s Rachel Kessman and Lauren Gallo attended The Great Recycle event in Times Square where they pledged into a microphone that Interbrand New York would recycle more than 99 items per week throughout the next year.

Lauren Gallo and Rachel Kessman 

As Tom Zara observes, “Corporate Citizenship must be in the fabric of an organization to be effective. The hypocrisy of saying and not doing is the legacy of many companies. Volunteerism, a not–for–profit Foundation, Interbrand Inspired, a year long recycling commitment, energy efficiency metrics, and health and wellness programs are just a few of the demonstrations of Citizenship that show we ‘walk the talk.’”

The plastic bottles collected in The Great Recycle will become plastic lumber for GrowNYC to use in building urban gardens for NYC public schools, as part of Grow to Learn. 5-Boro Green Services will recycle cans, glass and juice boxes.

Plans are underway for more Great Recycle events, with announcements expected in the coming weeks. “We are thrilled with New York’s response to our invitation to keep the (re)cycle going,” said Seth Goldman, co-founder and TeaEO of Honest Tea. The company assures the 30-foot inflatable recycling bin will also be reused.

To make a pledge to recycle, visit www.thegreatrecycle.com. As a fun and playful aspect of the campaign, people can also recycle an old Facebook post!

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