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We Like Your Name

Posted by: Wynne Renz & Verbal Identity on May 15, 2012

A wig for your eyelashes? A naming system with a sweet tooth? A beer for a marathon? Interbrand New York’s Verbal Identity team on what names grabbed their attention this month:

Burn Note is an app fit for a secret agent. Send an email and Burn Note will destroy it once it's read. The name is clever for the category, where the majority of "security" and "privacy" apps are named using exactly those words.

Pssssst! is the name of a dry shampoo. It's also a wink and a nod. A wink to your little secret ("Pssssst! My hair only looks like its been washed"); a nod towards the sound that the spray makes. It's rare to find an onomatopoeia that is both expressive of the product and the customer experience.

Pinch Food Design is a catering company. The name encompasses Pinch's philosophy: that "just a pinch" of something can make an experience richer and more wonderful.

Fiberwig LX Mascara sounds like something you'd put on your head, not your eyelashes. The name points to the popularity of false lashes: the "fiber," or threadlike structure, makes this mascara a "wig" for your eyelashes.

Wag.com is the name of a pet food delivery service. Yes, it's the wag of a pet's tail, but it's also illustrative of the back and forth movement, or exchange, that happens with delivery. The company's tagline says it: "You sit. We fetch."

Exp.Lore.com follows a necessary trend in URL naming, splitting up the word with a period to make the URL available. The split suits the site:Exp.Lore.com is a discovery (e.g. "Exp," or explore) engine for meaningful knowledge, fueled by cross-disciplinary curiosity (e.g. "Lore," a body of knowledge held by a particular group and passed via word of mouth).

Fastrack is the name of MTA New York City's subway maintenance initiative. It’s descriptive of the transit system (a "fast track"), yet hopeful: the name aims to get travellers "fast" on "track."

Key Lime Pie is the name of the Android's latest operating system. It follows a succession of other deliciously named O.S. for the Android: JellyBean, Ice Cream Sandwich, Honey Comb, Gingerbread, et al. These names aren't just sweet, but smart: look closely and you’ll see another system in place (an alpha naming system).

Chidagos is a portmanteau name, combining "Chicago" and "hot dog." A name that cleverly suggests the name of a famous city; and a food that city's famous for.

Samuel Adams 26.2 is a specialty "marathon" beer made by Sam Adams for the Boston Marathon. The name is specialty for its insider reference: 26.2 is the number of miles in a marathon (not the alcohol content of the beer)

Written by Wynne Renz & Verbal Identity New York's Naming Team

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