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Independence Day through a Trademark Microscope

Posted by: Nicole Briggs on July 03, 2012

As America gets ready for 4th of July festivities, planning picnics, fireworks, backyard grilling or a swim in the ocean or pool, have you ever noticed how cool the trademarks are that surround this glittery holiday? Let’s take a walk down trademark lane, Independence Day Edition.

 4th of July

Macy’s Independence Day fireworks display in New York City is one of the best known Independence Day shows in the world. It’s so big Katy Perry will be performing this year. The event is called Ignite the Night and I love the name. Although it’s short and sweet, it does the job. It grasps your attention. It leaves you hoping your night will go up in flames, in a good way. Macy’s has not filed for a trademark application for the tagline, maybe because it will be short lived.

Macy’s Ignite the Night Independence Day celebration is not to be confused with Ignite Your Night owned by GoAmerica, Go Beverages, LLC for alcoholic beverages. Even though some may ignite their night with alcoholic beverages, there’s no confusion here. Similar trademarks may exist at the same time, if each one is assigned to different classes of goods/services, and provided that there is no likelihood of confusion.

Crazy Exciting on Steroids 

Have you ever reflected on how awesome some of the fireworks names are? My favorite trademark is Crazy Exciting on Steroids owned by Jake’s Fireworks. Registered in 2010, these showery sparks are sure to be on shelves (where they are legal of course).

A few more names that have made me giggle: Sky Bacon, filed late 2011 by Spirit of ’76, LLC; Poopy Pooch (very curious to see how it works), pending application filed by fireworks powerhouse B.J. Alan Company; and a name that warms the heart, Christmas in July, another pending application filed by B.J. Alan Company.

Black Cat 

Oldies but goodies: Do you remember Black Cat firecrackers or smoke bombs? Black Cat firecrackers and parachutes are owned by Li & Fung (B.V.I). They have a date of first use of 1952 and have been registered since May 16, 1967.

Happy Independence Day!


Nicole Briggs is an Associate Trademark Consultant.

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