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We Like Your Name - August 2012

Posted by: Ilan Beesen on September 04, 2012

From E-ink to alliterative compact cars, here’s Interbrand New York’s Verbal Identity team on names that have them talking this month:

Written by Ilan Beesen & NY's Verbal Identity Naming Team

Dodge Dart

Dodge Dart is everything a car company could ask for in a name, questions around its history aside. It's a short, real word that delivers a palpable sense of pep, speed and agility. And as a bonus, when combined with Dodge, it delivers a delightful cascade of "Ds," creating a snappy alliteration. The name screams "all new compact that's anything but compact."


Unreal Candy taps into our love of candy and sweet irony. In a world filled with high fructose corn syrup and other ingredients we can't pronounce, Unreal Candy uses secret recipes that cut the artificial ingredients out. Sweet irony indeed.


freegal offers the best of both worlds for those wishing to download songs guilt free. As a service that allows library patrons to download a specified number of songs per month for free, this could not have been named better. It sounds like "frugal," but the real pay off is the combination of "free" and "legal." This creates the rarest of beasts: a coined descriptive name.

Pebble Watches

Pebble is an E-ink watch. It lets you infinitely customize the face and download apps. It connects to your phone with Bluetooth so you can be alerted through a vibration at your wrist that you've got a call, email or message. Like a pebble tossed in a pond and its ripple effect, the Pebble can touch all areas of your life: personal, social and business.



Intoxicase is unexpected. When first introduced, some new products make so much sense, they seem like they've always existed. Not so with the Intoxicase. An iPhone case with a built-in bottle opener, this one was unpredictable. But the name is a perfect example of portmanteau that combines two descriptive, easily recognizable words that create the next new thing. Drunk dialers beware! ...or rejoice!

Currently is brilliantly simple and simply clear. Currently is an extension of Google Chrome, telling you the date and weather through minimalist design aesthetic, placing content center stage. The name is a natural fit, as it's always easy to appreciate a name that comes straight from conversation - Q: "What's the temperature?" A: "Currently it's 79 degrees." Beautiful.

Room Key — as word nerds,  there are few things more satisfying than a slick double entendre. Room Key is a website that helps you find and book a hotel room. The name works in two ways. First, it describes an easy way to get your room key. And second, it suggests that the site is the key to finding the perfect hotel room. We're booking it with Room Key!

Glossi comes from glossy, just another word for magazine, but the folks from Glossi make it personal. By swapping out the "y" for an "i," they're saying this magazine is all about us. As an aggregator of our social media endeavors, Glossi compiles a new type of "magazine" that manages to capture everybody's favorite subject: themselves.


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