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Brand voice, Facebook fans and your invisible brand

Posted by: Paola Norambuena on October 10, 2012
Facebook Hides

If Facebook is a key channel in your strategy, then think about this: recent data suggests that Facebook fans are “hiding posts at an alarming rate.” In the race to count more fans, or followers, brands may not be connecting with them in a meaningful way.  Rather than fans un-liking, un-fanning or even commenting, they simply choose to make your brand invisible.

A recent article from Fast Company by Ekaterina Walter, Intel's social media strategist, highlights that one of the ways people “negatively” respond to Facebook pages is to simply hide all posts. Working with PageLever, a Facebook analytics tool. Walter discovered:

“Facebook fans are most likely to block ALL your page stories when they take a negative feedback action, 60 times more likely than unfanning your page. Which means that just because your brand has a lot of fans doesn’t mean all those fans are seeing the page content. Some fans may have just hidden the page. Fans are more likely to report a post as spam than to unlike the page.”

What most caught our eye, was one of Walter’s recommendations for avoiding invisibility: Brand Voice. We could not agree more.

“Tweak your copy so it’s recognizably your brand voice. Sometimes the problem isn’t that the content is off-topic, but that it’s off-voice. Your brand has a unique voice, which your fans know and appreciate, so make sure your posts are phrased in a way your customers expect.”

Brand Voice is so much more than how you say it. It’s being true to who you are, the personality your fans have come to know and love. It’s making sure that everything you say lives up to it – the type of content you curate and the spin you put on it when you share. It’s how you sound, how naturally it comes and how unmistakably yours the words seem.

It’s getting all that personality across in limited real estate, in a smattering of words. Hard to do? Sure. Have to do? Absolutely. That extra attention to detail is what adds up to extraordinary experiences. Without it, you're just another – possibly invisible – voice in the noise.

Paola Norambuena is Executive Director of Verbal Identity, North America.

For more on digital strategy and branding in this new ecosystem, please see Simon Smith and Erica Velis' piece Playing to Win on the Digital Frontier.

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