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Crowdfunding Gift Giving Could Drive Dodge Sales

Posted by: Alex Leopold on Wednesday, February 13 2013 04:53 PM

 Dart Registry

Want to create a surprise enormous bow on a new car gift moment on Valentine’s Day for that special someone, but short on funds? Maybe way short on what it will take to own your own first piece of reliable independence? Now consumers can crowdfund that new car purchase.

Instead of hitting up friends and family for personal checks or small wads of bills freshly dispersed from the local ATM, now contributors can help fund that new car as if helping participants in a local 5K-charity run. Think of it as a bridal registry without the silver anniversary commitment, and it’s called just that, the Dodge Dart Registry.

Pixie Project's RegistryWhat a perfect way to help move a mounting inventory of very affordable Dodges from the dealer’s lot into the hands of first-time new car buyers. It’s genius really. Why didn’t someone come up with something like this years ago? It’s certainly not something others would have difficulty implementing.

Score a nice win for Dodge. Online buzz, low-cost advertising, crowd sourcing and visits to Dodge’s site by those who might not have gone there before looks like the trifecta to me.

Though the Dart has faced criticism, I’m willing to bet my 20+ years of automotive experience that with powertrain tweaks for US consumers and smart marketing maneuvers, Dart sales will gain momentum in what is currently one of the toughest segments in the auto market. Rumors are that Chrysler will wave their magic tuning wand and develop an R/T version of the Dart; this could prove to be a true performance model if they do it right.

Expect even more people visiting the Dodge Dart Registry when this happens. “Hello mom . . .”

Alex Leopold is Interbrand's Presentation & Media Experience Specialist.

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