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Facebook Home: A Simple Name Promises More

Posted by: Jennifer Vasilache on April 09, 2013

Mark Zuckerberg

Last Thursday, as we were watching Mark Zuckerberg present the new Android phone experience, we welcomed with delight the name associated with this world-changing innovation: Home.

Facebook HomeFrom a naming perspective, Home shines with simplicity, is easy to remember and has the privilege of being one of the few English words that is well understood globally. Braving the challenges of obtaining a trademark in such a crowded industry, Home perfectly reflects the fondness of tech brands for short, real-word names with great communication potential.

This is where the name is ingenious. Primarily, Home denotes the idea of a familiar, safe, intimate place, where everyone is free to be themselves. In the context of Facebook's intent to remain faithful to the brand values and proposition (i.e. open, connection and people-focused), the name also promises a more intense and expansive social experience.

Facebook redefines the user interface from a traditional homepage to a more personal home, making the physical and the digital worlds even closer. Still, some could argue that Home mirrors the privacy challenges that Facebook has been known for. Your social home is your safe place, but it is also open to everyone and there is no front door key.

It will be interesting to follow whether Facebook Home will succeed in making the world more connected. Now, with this name ready to appear on millions of devices, we will definitely keep an eye out to see whether the significance of "home" will evolve toward a more connected experience, similar to the evolution of the significance of "friend" in recent years under Facebook's influence.

Jennifer Vasilache is a Senior Consultant for Interbrand’s New York Verbal Identity department.

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