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Interbrand Cologne Guides Tourism Group on Journey to New Identity

Posted by: Amy Edel-Vaughn on April 22, 2013
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With multiple tourism brands and a name that most German consumers associated with supermarkets, Rewe Group was looking to help its brands differentiate themselves in the travel sector while capitalizing on the strength of its portfolio. Interbrand Cologne, building on the organization’s core values of strong customer focus, product variety, high quality and personalization, helped Rewe rebrand its tourism division.

The group currently operates Germany’s largest tourism retail sales network, making it an international leader in tourism, but a well-defined brand system was needed. To build clarity, as well as brand awareness and recognition, Rewe Touristik and DER are now DER Touristik.

Meaning “the” in German, DER linguistically simplifies the complex network of travel businesses under one bold name with a strong visual identity Interbrand Cologne has developed. Committed to creating individual customer experiences, with customized trips “built on dreams” or “Täume fest im Griff,” DER Touristik is the umbrella brand for Rewe’s many tour operators and travel agencies.


Merging sales channels, presenting a new digital portal at der.com and internal brand engagement efforts, Lars Bolle, Group Brand Manager of the new DER Touristik says, “The new system will then initiate a brand-driven transformation of the company both internally and externally. " The company’s travel agencies, for example, will transform themselves from traditional offices with brochure-lined walls to modernized shops offering customized travel.

Jens Grefen, Creative Director at Interbrand Cologne, explains, “Individual customer needs and unique travel experiences and consulting are the primary focus of DER Touristik and its brands - all of which are brought to life through the new visual identity. The complexity of the travel experience is made unique and distinctive through a living system. The use of the color red, currently not applied in the tourism marketing environment, makes DER Touristik the new red travel brand."

Amy Edel-Vaughn is Interbrand's Community Manager.

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